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Private chef consultancy, sourcing exclusive chefs for private positions internationally

We specialise in a range of placements encompassing part-time home cooks, private chef jobs and private yacht chefs to ensure we deliver a comprehensive private chef recruitment service for our clients. We cover a wide scope of assignments ranging from short-term live-out positions, to long-term live-in positions. No matter your project specification and budget we will be extremely happy to help. London born we have extended our services to meet our clients’ demands internationally. We provide a bespoke, confidential and personal service that keeps us at the forefront of the private culinary sector.

Our culinary talent pool includes experienced household cooks through to private chefs with extensive Michelin experience.

We provide a comprehensive private chef recruitment service:

  • Cooks that create home-style cuisine
  • Land based private chefs
  • Short-term & long-term villa & chalet chefs
  • Part-time chefs required a few days per week
  • Travelling private chefs
  • Yacht chefs- private and charter
  • Aviation chefs


We evaluate your assignment and produce a project brief to ensure we provide private chefs that meet your exact requirements, saving you valuable time during the evaluation process. 

The growth in global business and leisure travel means that an international reach is essential. A worldwide network enables us to source very specific skill-sets from an extensive talent pool. With more demand for private chefs to provide their services on leisure breaks, corporate events, yachts, and between multiple properties, a global network is essential.

Specialist placements

We provide exclusive private chef recruitment consultancy across a range of specialisms.

  • Domestic residences
  • Super Yachts
  • Villas & Chalets
  • Luxury retreats
  • Private islands
  • Private aviation

International Places

We operate worldwide, with opportunities for private chef jobs in multiple territories including:

  • London & UK
  • Europe & Mediterranean
  • U.A.E & Middle East
  • United States & Canada
  • Asia & Australasia
  • Islands & archipelagos


The strategy of sourcing your private chef

Discover how the process of sourcing your private chef will work. Gain an insight into the strategies used during recruitment and the importance of designing and developing a detailed client brief. Understand how we use this as the foundation of a successful search.

Private Chef Recruitment

Join the Chef Xclusive team

Discover what is required when you apply to join us. We have a detailed and extensive process that once complete, opens your career opportunities up to some of the best global culinary positions in the private sector.


How can a private chef improve their job opportunities?

As a private chef you should be investing time and effort into keeping your photo portfolio up to date and ready for new private chef job opportunities...

Find out how
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