Chef Xclusive

Valuable knowledge and a professional approach

Philip, the founder of Chef Xclusive, trained and worked as a professional chef in London. Progressing from the commercial restaurant kitchens to the private sector was the beginning of a flourishing career as a private chef, providing his principals with their culinary requirements internationally.

Philip progressed within the private chef industry by founding Chef Xclusive. The agency is London born and now operates internationally, delivering a personal and discreet service. Taking the time to understand both his clients and his chefs they continue to forge fantastic partnerships ensuring they are the first choice for international private chef recruitment.

Whilst still being wildly passionate about cooking Philip understands the importance of fulfilling his clients’ culinary preferences. His time is spent scrutinising and comparing skill-sets against his clients brief. His knowledge and hands on experience is a crucial part of this processes. Retaining a direct relationship with each and every one of his clients and his chefs is paramount to Philip’s business ethos.

Combining their valuable knowledge of the private sector, their professional approach and recruiting strategies, Chef Xclusive has developed an unrivalled network of industry professionals, delivering outstanding results for their clients by sourcing the best private chefs globally.


Our clients count on us

About Us

Our clients count on us to provide their culinary talent wherever needed, at home, away on business or on a relaxing break. Our short-term and permanent staffing solutions deliver the complete package.

We retain a broad spectrum of clients, each with very different requirements, timeframes and budgets. We are able to assess and manage these variables to complete their project on budget, and in a fast and effective manner. Time is an important commodity and we work extremely hard to ensure that our processes are streamlined to ensure our clients’ time is not wasted.

Our success in managing these positions has ensured excellent repeat business and a growing referral rate. Our strong client base generates an excellent flow of positions. In turn this makes us the first choice for private cooks and chefs to fulfil their career goals.

Our chefs

Our chefs are the foundation of our business. Retaining a varied skill-set throughout our talent pool is essential. You may require a chef who has experience in Michelin starred establishments, or possibly you are looking for chef who is especially skilled in producing pastries and bakery products, or maybe you require a cook that can provide you with family style favourites. No matter your criteria we will provide exceptional chefs with the specific skill sets you require.


Our chefs undergo a comprehensive registration process. Supplying us with detailed CVs, references, food imagery and additional information enables us to carry out an in-depth evaluation. The interview process enables us to thoroughly discuss their registration, understand their career goals and assess their personality. This helps us identify the chefs’ core skills and the type of position that would suit them best

Our placements and locations

With London and the UK being the original focus for our business we recognized that our clients required our services further afield. Whilst retaining our personal and bespoke service we are now taking care of our clients with placements in Europe, the U.S, the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. With interest growing in Asia we are very proud to be delivering our service there too.


Demand is high for chefs to cook at various travel destinations or business trips. There is also the possibility that the chef is required to cook at multiple residences that may be in different countries. The world is now so accessible that functioning globally is a necessity.