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With the large volume of publicity throughout the media the private culinary sector has developed into one of the most prestigious gastronomic careers. As you would expect this has increased the number of chefs who are actively looking for jobs within the private sector.

A small percentage of the population is in a position to consider employing culinary staff, whether a home cook or a private chef. It’s worth remembering that there is a high percentage of chefs looking for a job in a small and niche private market.

So what does this mean for the private chef? It means you need to be the best you possibly can. With a limited amount of positions and a vast talent pool of chefs, you need to excel in your area of the culinary private sector.

Our role is to assess your skill set and pair it with the right client assignment brief. We will advise you on which positions would match well and give you detailed information about the position to make sure it’s the right position for you. One of the most critical aspects of the process is to ensure that the position will feed your appetite inspiring you to deliver and reach the clients’ expectations. It is paramount that both the client and the chef are satisfied with the assignment. This in turn leads to long lasting and rewarding relationships.

Our assignments

Our clients require chefs to work in a variety of placements. We assist with families looking for a cook to provide daily family style cuisine. Some of our clients require a private chef with experience in Michelin establishments. The skill set required by the chef could be very different depending on the client’s preferences.

Our assignments include both live-in or live-out possibilities. Live-in jobs are positions that have accommodation provided by the client. This could be a room or a small apartment within or on the grounds of the client’s main residence, or a separate apartment in a nearby location. Live-out positions would require the chef to have their own accommodation nearby.

The travel requirements of the assignments can vary dramatically. We manage static positions where there is limited need for the chef to travel. In contrast our clients may require a travelling private chef to accompany them on the their business or leisure activities.


What’s the process?

Joining our team requires a detailed registration process by the way of submitting your information for evaluation. Your profile will be created within our secure online portal. You will be able to manage your entire portfolio and job applications. Initially we will require your CV so that we can assess your skill-set and work history to determine if we are in a position to help you with your career objectives.

You will have the opportunity to complete a registration form that enables us to understand more about your previous experience, your career goals and objectives, and your location preferences, assignment and package. We will require the details of your references to enable us to research your skills and personality. You will have the facility to upload and manage your food picture and video gallery. Our chef portal will ensure you will be ready at the click of a button to apply for the right positions.

Once you have registered your details we will arrange an initial interview to discuss your career history and future objectives. We will explain how our business operates and answer any questions you may have. Future interviews will be arranged to discuss individual placements in more detail. A high percentage of our job opportunities will require you to carry out a short trial period to demonstrate your skills to the client.

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