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Whether you are looking for a part-time cook or a live-in private chef we will be extremely happy to manage your project. If this is your first time considering private culinary staff then we will be pleased to answer your questions and give you advice based on our hands on knowledge of the industry. Equally if you have employed cooks or chefs before and would like some additional advice then we can help.

As our business is dedicated to the private culinary sector we have one of the most experienced and talented network of chefs. This network enables us to reach the right chef for your position quickly and effectively. Being 100% focused on the culinary sector means we’ll be completely focused on your assignment with no other domestic staff distractions.

Our exclusivity has helped us build an excellent portfolio of clients, generating a diverse and broad range of jobs. Our client base and our excellent career opportunities are a key ingredient for attracting the very best private chefs and cooks in the industry.

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Designing your brief

In our opinion the brief is one of the most crucial parts of the process. Assessing your needs is key to understanding what we need to look for in the chef.

Evaluating your likes and dislikes, dietary preferences and service needs helps us gain a detailed understanding of your opportunity. We can then clearly define the role to our chefs making sure the position is suitable for their skills and their career goals.

One of the most time consuming tasks for the client is evaluating applications. Every minute spent scrutinizing irrelevant profiles is a huge waste of your time. Designing a detailed client brief ensures we can target and short-list the right private chefs, ensuring your time is spent assessing the right applicants. It sounds straightforward but all too often the brief is an underestimated and under used strategy, leaving clients wasting valuable time.

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Screening and interviews

Our chefs are thoroughly screened and interviewed before becoming part of our team. We assess their CVs, checking their work history and skill base. We contact the chef’s references to cross check the information on the CV and to gain an insight into their personality. The chefs provide us with their food images and/or videos that are discussed in depth during the initial interview stage.

After designing your brief we will contact the chefs that match your requirements and discuss your assignment in detail. This, the second stage of our interview process, enables us to discuss the skill-set required to carry out your job. It’s also the perfect opportunity for the chef to ask questions about the placement. To build successful partnership we need to make sure that the placement fulfills the chef’s career aspirations as well as the chef having the necessary skills.

After we have produced a short-list of chefs for your position you will have the opportunity to interview. This can be an initial telephone call, a Skype video call or a face-to-face meeting. We would then suggest arranging a short trial period. We believe this can be integral to a successful placement, enabling the client to try the chef’s dishes but also enabling the chef to get a feel for the placement and the service procedures. This means that when you offer a chef the position you are both satisfied you are making the right decision.

I need a chef

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