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Luxury Retreats Private Chef

Luxury Retreats Private Chef

Working as a private chef in a client’s luxury retreat is a challenging, but ultimately rewarding role that requires exceptional skills, phenomenal attention to detail, and the ability to work both flexibly and inventively.

The nature of a private luxury retreat is that it is a haven for your client, a place where they can escape from the pressures of their day to day life, and as such, you will need to be adaptable to cater for their needs.

Sometimes you will be working at relatively short notice to accommodate an ad hoc break, while being able to create a menu that your client wants.

You will need to be able to work in both fine dining and more relaxed settings as part of your range of skills and may be required to work overseas for extended periods of time with sometimes unfamiliar ingredients available.

Luxury retreat chefs need to be able to meet the exacting standards of their clients and offer the ability to enhance their experience.

Key Skills for Working as A Private Chef in a Luxury Retreat

  • Ability to organize and manage menus in advance
  • High standard of presentation skills
  • Ability to work across diverse international cuisines
  • Flexible to live overseas for periods of time

Below you can contact us to find out more about the currently available roles working as a Private Chef at a luxury retreat.  Please contact us to apply or for more information.