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Considerations when Moving Overseas as a Chef

A move abroad working as a private chef will result in a significant lifestyle change. It’s important to reflect on differences in language, climate and culture when considering moving overseas. It’s a good idea to ask yourself whether quality of life will be improved or compromised, and if it’s the latter - are there other factors that would compensate for this? It’s important to carry out research in advance so you are aware of how this change would affect you and your interests.

Any move abroad will involve a loss in your existing social network. It’s important to take into account the potential of building a new one when moving overseas to work as a chef. Things to consider are whether you already have friends in the area, whether you’ll be living in a lively or isolated location and if there are regular social events organised by your employer. Wherever you move, it is likely you’ll need to be proactive for a while to ensure you meet new friends.

It’s vital that you consider the financial aspects of working abroad as a chef. Once you have been offered a role, you should be given a clear idea of what your salary and benefits will be. It’s important to look at the living costs in the new area before making any decisions to ensure there’ll be no financial problems when taking your new job as a chef. Local bank accounts may take some time to set up, it’s a good idea to research this in advance so you are well prepared for your move.

If you want to visit your home country regularly to see family, you need to consider the cost and ease of travel from your new location. How easy would it be to get back in an emergency?