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Private Chef Jobs in Dubai

Dubai’s setting as the meeting point of East and West has been the catalyst for massive growth and wealth, and it is one of the most demanding cities in the world when it comes to food.  You’ll need to be a true master of different cuisines to succeed as a private chef in Dubai, but because of this, it is a hugely rewarding place to take the next step in your career.

There are many benefits of working as a private chef in Dubai.  Aside from the beneficial tax free status of the Emirate, you’ll also experience a great year-round climate and a city that is modern and fast paced.

Dubai’s location on major trading routes means that you’ll have no problems finding the perfect blend of flavours, and the legendary spice markets in the city will introduce you to new flavours.  You’ll cater a huge variety of dining in Dubai, from desert banquets through to family dinners, and cover different global traditions that mirror the hospitality of the city itself.

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