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Private Chef for Domestic Residences

Private Chefs for Domestic Residences

As a private chef who lives in with their clients, it is imperative that you can execute a diverse number of cuisines to a high standard with a flexible approach to meal times. This is a post where you will most likely be in a family environment so a composed demeanour is expected.

The kitchen provided will be a high end residential kitchen, therefore you may have to adapt quickly if you are used to working in a commercial kitchen. Though not essential, experience in a Michelin Star kitchen would be advantageous. Travel may be expected of you in certain circumstances if requested by the client this could entail traveling for a client’s business or for a leisure getaway. In return you will be provided with your own space within the residence or on the grounds of the residence. While it is important that you build a rapport with the client, you must be able to separate the professional from personal.

Key Skills for Private Domestic Chefs

  • Flexibility
  • Experience across multiple cuisine
  • Pays close attention to detail
  • High standard of presentation skills

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