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Private Chef Jobs in Monaco

The city of Monte Carlo has an almost mythical feel to it.  A small outcrop of luxury on the Riviera that’s captivated generations of travellers and has a reputation for refined luxury and discreet wealth.  Although it’s within reach of both Italy and France, the international nature of the city’s outlook means that as a private chef in Monaco you’ll be expected to deliver the best from around the world for clients who are demanding and knowledgeable.

Although Monaco is tiny, it’s well catered for and you’ll have access to the very best French products to provide the foundations for the menus you create.  You’ll need to be highly talented and have a broad range of experience across different cuisines to meet the demanding needs of your clients and cater to different tastes.

Across the year, the social calendar is packed with events, and as a private chef in Monaco, you’ll be expected to provide menus that reflect the fashions and seasons.  From al fresco dining in the summer months through to fine dining and lavish dinner parties across the seasons, your role will be challenging but also keep you interested.

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