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Private Chef Jobs in New York

Nowhere on Earth is quite like New York.  This remarkable city is the centre of world trade, and is a place where all global cultures come together and vie for attention.  It’s a city where the very best is expected and provided with a huge selection of exclusive restaurants that cater to all different tastes.  Working as a private chef in New York gives you a unique set of challenges to compete with the very best while also providing a truly personal service to your clients.

Working as a private chef in New York you’ll be expected to keep up to date with the latest fashions in food and provide your client with a reliable yet ever changing menu that takes advantage of the diversity of ingredients and influences that you have access to.

You’ll have access to world class ingredients from all around the globe and be able to call on local talent to help create menus that range from intimate dinners through to large banquets and business functions. 

Develop Your Career as a Private Chef in New York

Chef Xclusive's Private Chef Recruitment Service is bespoke to our clients, helping them find the best possible match for their needs.

For more information about roles available as a private chef in New York please read through our vacancies and take the next step in your exciting career.