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Private Chef Working in Villas & Chalets

Private Chef Working in Villa & Chalets

As a private chef working in Villas or Chalets you will be expected to provide the highest quality food to ensure your client’s needs are met while they are vacationing in their private holiday residence. These residences could be located anywhere in the world and you would be expected to travel there and set up for the client’s arrival and wait until the client has left until you leave. 

You could also be expected to cater for the client’s friends and family so a composed demeanour is expected. As the client could have multiple villas or chalets you could be expected to travel to the various residences at various times of the year to meet the client’s needs. Though not essential, experience in a Michelin Star kitchen would be advantageous. It is also essential that you can adapt to local cuisine wherever you are working around the world. 

You could be working for just a couple of days while the client is passing through or longer than a month if the client is spending a prolonged holiday season at their residence.

Key Skills for Working as A Private Chef in a Villa

  • Pays close attention to detail
  • High standard of presentation skills
  • Experience with multiple cuisines
  • Flexibility
  • Able to travel for prolonged periods of time

Below you can see the currently available roles and private chef jobs working in your client’s villa or chalet.  Please contact us to apply or for more information.