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Private Chefs Working on Super Yachts

Private Chefs for Super Yachts

As a private chef working for a client on their super yacht, you’ll need to be a master of multiple cuisines so that your menus reflect your location as you travel around the world.  As a super yacht chef, you’ll benefit from having access to state of the art equipment in your galley, but you’ll also have the challenge of working under tighter conditions that in some commercial kitchens. You will be expected to travel for anything from a week to a few months depending on the client’s needs. 

A high professional standard is expected due to the nature of the work and traveling at sea for prolonged periods of time. this means that you must be able to deal with being at sea, being away for prolonged periods of time whilst still providing the highest standards with food for the client.

Key Skills for Private Chefs Working on Super Yachts

  • Pays close attention to detail
  • High standard of presentation skills
  • Experience with multiple cuisines
  • Flexibility
  • Able to travel for prolonged periods of time

Develop Your Career as a Private Chef Working on Yachts

Chef Xclusive's Private Chef Recruitment Service is bespoke to our clients, helping them find the best possible match for their needs.

For more information about current roles available to work as a private chef on a super yacht, please view the list of current opportunities and find the right placement for your skills.