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Raw living food

Raw Living Food

Raw living food is an important element to be considered for your weekly menu. Sarmado Sibley founder of Rawlovelife kindly took the time to explain the benefits of this preparation style, the benefits for the principals and information on where private chefs can get insight into the techniques used.

Sarmado Sibley

Hi Sarmado, thanks for taking the time to talk to us, can you give us a little history into your business and tell us where it began?

In 2011 Rawlovelife was created whilst I was living in Australia. It’d been 6 years since I was introduced to a different approach to working with food. Initially I was attracted to macrobiotics and the ancient Indian approach to diet, based on the system known as “Ayurveda”. Then during a visit to Thailand I discovered raw living foods and plant based nutrition.

Now I am based in Somerset, UK, where I am working on my project to open a Destination Raw Food Restaurant and Community. I also travel Internationally as a teacher, coach and raw food developer.

Can you give us a little insight into the philosophy of Raw living food?

Raw living foods are foods which have not been heated above 118 degrees.

Generally when foods are cooked they lose their life force and vitality. In raw food the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes which are beneficial to our health are preserved and our vitality returns.

The main ingredient categories are, Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, Superfoods, Superherbs, & Seaweeds. Ideally the ingredients should be local and organic. The concept is that by reducing or eliminating animal based products from your diet or menus there is the potential to experience greater levels of energy, mental clarity & optimal health.

What benefits do you think this type of food preparation would give our clients?

Clients who are introduced to and taste these foods for the first time experience a vibrancy & vitality in the taste that cannot be found through cooking. They really are live foods which arrive on the plate straight from the growing process.

The preparation methods involve dehydrating, fermenting, juicing & sprouting which provides the diner with an “alive” potency in both the appearance and the presentation. There’s also not that bloated or heavy experience after eating. Clients have actually shared, that after eating they feel energised, satiated and are able to work more productively. Yet within the whole dining experience the flavours, textures and combinations are skilfully demonstrated leaving the client most often surprised that it contains no meat, wheat, dairy or sugar.

What would a private chef need to consider in order to prepare raw living foods for their principals and guests?

For any private chefs wanting to incorporate raw living foods into their menus I would highly recommend attending trainings and workshops. It’s a continual discovery and one I consistently invest in as the trends change. The skill sets required are vastly different from conventional cooking techniques.

Having started my profession in that arena it was a completely new learning experience. The preparations are longer and the ingredients required are vastly different. It’s very exciting and the styles are varied.

It’s now possible to access a lot of information online and there are many books available on the varying subjects within raw living foods. The equipment includes items such as dehydrators, juicers, processors and then all you need for fermentation and sprouting. You can source the equipment online from Tribest.

When private chefs are preparing for their principals it really pays to be very organised, as some of the methods required can take up to ten days in their process before they arrive at the plate, it’s essential you have all the ingredients easily accessible. Once the kitchen has been set up there is a continuous production of the foods so those longer to create recipes are instantly available. Then the whole creation is much calmer and methodical. It’s like second nature.

What’s next on the menu for your business?

We are in the planning stages for opening a restaurant here in Somerset, UK offering raw living foods and plant based menus. Alongside we will be offering trainings & workshops and hosting speakers at the cutting edge of health & nutrition. This month I am really excited to be offering one-day trainings & five-day intensive courses in Somerset, UK.

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