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Varying your Portfolio as a Private Chef

Varying your Portfolio as a Private Chef

When a client welcomes a private chef into their home they want good food but they also want diversity of cuisine which is why it is so important for a chef to expand their portfolio. Fresh ingredients can be wasted on mundane meals if a chef does not have an expansive recipe list. It is of vital importance that within such a competitive market you equip yourself with an arsenal of dishes ready to tantalize clients taste buds, because if you don’t someone else will.


Making the ideal portfolio with a varied range, you need some key building blocks:


High Quality Images

These are integral to your portfolio as the greatest dishes in the world can be let down by poor lighting and background. Finding a way to display your flavours with a compelling range of colours.


Recipes and Menus

Including your recipes and menus seems like a simple task but so many chefs forget to include all the details of their recipes which can put a potential client off as they may have specific allergies which would be unclear in a vague menu.


Extra Information

If you gained a certain recipe with a story, don’t be shy to give your menu some context as this can help you stand out from the crowd and get the attention of potential employers.


References and Reviews

Including references and reviews can bolster your chances in being recruited to many private chef jobs as it provides a background and context for your meals and some validity in your ability to craft the meals.

A prospective client will be more likely to hire you if your claimed ability is backed up.