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What is a Private Chef

Find out more about the role of a private chef

What is a Private Chef

A talented chef who wants to develop their career may decide to change from a traditional role working in a commercial kitchen into a specialist working more closely with a client in order to deliver a tailored experience.

The Difference between Personal and Private Chefs

There can be some confusion about the difference between personal and private chefs.  While the roles have some similarities, they are quite distinct.  

A Personal Chef will typically work with a portfolio of clients, delivering individual meal plans and working across the week.  They may cook selected meals over the course of a week, but their time will be balanced across their clients, working as necessary to meet those needs.

A Private Chef usually works with a single household, often travelling around with them and catering across any houses that they own. Private Chef jobs typically appeal to professionals who have experience across multiple cuisines, and who have worked in exclusive restaurants or hotels to provide a first class dining experience.

What Makes a Good Private Chef

A good private chef is one who has the ability to create a varied and exciting dining plan for their client.  Experience in different cuisines and strong nutritional understanding are essential as it is important to deliver variety in the menu that the client receives.

Flexibility is an essential attribute.  Working as a chef for a household is different from a restaurant environment.  While in some roles there will be supporting staff on hand, it is also possible that the chef will work alone.  While the chef will usually be able to manage the design of their kitchen, it is also important to note that if working at multiple locations (such as holiday homes or private yachts), the catering facilities may be more cramped or basic than in a full kitchen.

If you are interested in learning more about the variety of roles available as a Private Chef working in location such as New York, Dubai, and the Caribbean, please contact us.