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What is expected of you: The Chef

What is expected of you: The Chef

As a private chef it can sometimes seem daunting if you don’t really know what a client may expect of you, however here is a helpful list of what the average client will expect:

Ordinarily the first step with any private chef job is creating a customized meal plan to suit the needs and wants of your client.


As a professional who will have planned the meals, it is now your responsibility to go shopping for groceries and/or shopping for specialty items (Gluten-free, organic, nut-free, etc) so that you can create the meals and stick to the meal plan.


Knowing your ingredients is important as putting food away and storing them properly is key. Improper food storage can ruin ingredients, what is also important is stocking the pantry with the client's favourite items as they are paying you for a service with which they wish to be catered for.


Furthermore there is a need for diligence with food handling skills as failure to look after a client's wellbeing with neglectful practices will damage your reputation and relationship with the client. Cleaning up and sanitizing after cooking meals and serving meals is also a staple of the expectations on a private chef which should be of high importance.


Clients schedules will shift and change and your will not always be there to cook the meal, there will be times where a pre-prepared meal is the logical option, when doing so a easy-to-read preparation instructions for clients in necessary.


New information arises from time to time so keeping up with nutritional information whilst listening and understanding client needs is also a necessity when working in a Private Chef Job.