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Private Chefs & Baking Bread

Do you “value” your bread enough to give it the consideration it deserves? If you afford yourself the luxury of a private chef then you should definitely add some freshly baked loaves to the menu.


Reflecting on my consultations designing job briefs with our clients, it has become apparent that very few clients immediately realize the luxury of freshly baked bread. Having a private chef deliver your delectable delights on a daily basis is wonderful opportunity to include the provision of a perfectly crafted loaf. I firmly believe that with careful planning every principal and their family can enjoy the benefits of fresh home baked bread.

Suggesting to your chef that you’d like a freshly baked loaf on daily basis may cause them a little knee tremor as their kitchen is a busy hive of activity, and additional daily duties take time to execute properly. However with some planning and organizing the baking of fresh bread can be worked in to the busiest of schedules. Sourdoughs can be mixed and left to ferment overnight then baked in the morning, and a basic white can be mixed, left to prove while shopping, and then baked before lunch. The baking routine should be carefully woven in the fabric of the kitchen making it a pleasurable addition for your chef.

Armed with a few books and access to the online digital vaults each and every private chef has the potential to interlace the artistry of baking and bread into the daily routine. Start at the beginning, the basic white loaf – flour, water, yeast and salt are mightily mixed, left to rest, knocked and needed, left to rise and then carefully slid into the oven. With a little imagination this basic recipe can be lifted to new heights, with some store cupboard ingredients and a little resourcefulness.

Once the journey for the ultimate loaf begins you will realize the endless potential – breads baked from natural starters with long fermentations, baking with grains including Rye, Barley, Oats, Spelt and Kamut. Morning rolls, country cobs, milk breads, fennel baguettes, sourdoughs and Russian Rye loaves will become part of your home baked luxuries.

The true benefit of home baked bread is the control it gives you over the ingredients that are used. You are able to give care and consideration to choosing the best stone milled flours and the finest of ingredients, in fact you are able to control the quality of each and every ingredient you select to bake with. More importantly it means you have control over the ingredients that don’t spill in to the mixing bowl; improving agents, emulsifiers, preservatives, enzymes and overly processed grains are common ingredients in store bought bread.

Experience artisan baking in your home, implement a baking schedule with your chef and have your taste buds tantalized with the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning.

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