Chef Xclusive

London Private Chefs

We are London’s specialist private chef agency and consultancy, providing London Private chefs and cooks for families and households throughout the city and surrounding area. We manage a range of placements, including short-term and long-term, live in or live out. We provide a comprehensive, professional and confidential service.

We offer competitive pricing with a comprehensive guarantee system for your piece of mind. With hands on practical experience working in the private chef sector we will be able to advise on all aspects of hiring your private chef.

The first step is to define your brief. Understanding your budget, timeframes and requirements are key to sourcing London private chefs at the right cost, and with the right skills. Delivering targeted applications ensures that your time isn’t wasted looking at applicants that don’t match your requirements.

The applications we will present to you are extremely thorough and include CV, profile pictures, food gallery, skill sets, biography and an intro from us. If you would like to see a demonstation copy of the application please let us know.

We’ll manage the process for you from start to finish. After delivering a shortlist of chefs we can assist you in the decision making process. We’ll then arrange initial interviews. From here we can organize trial periods if required. When you have decided on your private chef, we’ll be pleased to assist in concluding the hiring process.

We manage a broad spectrum of culinary talent in London.  Before being approved to work with us, the chefs undergo a rigorous and unrivalled screening process. Work history, skill sets, education, and references are thoroughly checked. As the chefs will be working within a home environment and generally have contact with the family members, personality is given as much consideration during the screening process.

Our London Private chefs are experienced working in homes throughout the city and with their local knowledge are able to source the very best ingredients and produce. If you have specific dietary or nutritional considerations, then we can provide chefs who are experienced and capable of developing the right menus. They will be pleased to work alongside a personal trainer, dietician or nutritionist if required. 

Private chef enquiry

We look forward to the opportunity of providing your private chef. Please send through an enquiry and we will be in contact with you immediately to discuss your requirements further. 

If you would like to speak to us directly you can call on 020 32869453