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The assignment involves cooking for one principal. You will be preparing a selection of small dishes for lunch and dinner. Once a week you will also need to prepare canapes for approximately 6-10 guests.

This is a challenging position that requires the chef to be flexible and innovative. The key to succeeding in this role is cooking a wide variety of beautifully plated dishes that deliver lots of exciting flavours. You will need to have a comprehensive database of international dishes. Your goal will be to take the principal on a global culinary journey.

There is a purveyor who visits the house 1-2 times a day and will arrange for all of your provisioning to be delivered. You will mainly be located in the main residence in Pune although you may be required to cook at different locations.

Business class air tickets will be provided along with transfers to and from the house. A 1-bedroom apartment is provided on the grounds of the residence. The salary offered is €250 per day which could be negotiable if there are additional requirements.


  • Passport

  • Excellent fine dining skills

  • Broad international cuisine knowledge

  • Work extremely well under pressure

  • Great English language skills

  • Excellent communication

  • Adaptable to schedule changes

Salary & Benefits

  • Business class travel
  • Transfers
  • €300 per day, negotiable
  • Accommodation (1 bed apartment)
  • Engaged on a freelance basis

The location

Pune, India

Private Chef India #1109

Pune, India
2-4 weeks
€300 P/D